An established hub of contemporary craft and creativity in the heart of Diss

designermakers21 perched at the top of the Heritage Triangle opposite the Corn Hall has become known for it’s unique mix of excellent craft, educational interest and warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Beginning in May 2013 with the support of the trustees of the Corn Hall and the generosity of Diss Quakers four craft studios opened to the public one day a week. designermakers21 rapidly filled the warren of Victorian rooms which now support 11 craft studios, two galleries, a rolling, quarterly, showcase space, a large exhibition/workshop area, a silkscreen facility, a quarterly temporary studio and more in the planning.

This shared, creative and vibrant centre embraces heritage and contemporary craft practices with an inspiring range of textiles, prints, sculptures, mosaics, jewellery, stained glass, painting and digital print. We aim to educate and involve the community in all things craft while continuing to excel in our fields of expertise, providing our visitors with an experience to remember.

Jean Page of Diss Corn Hall Trust says: ’What is special about the project is not just the chance for people making unique and beautiful objects to work together, but that the public can come in and buy work from the makers themselves and see how the pieces are made … The common element is that the work will be creative and of high quality…’

designermakers21 members
Members posing outside their shop and gallery

designermakers21 is open to the public 10am to 5pm Thursday to Saturday. You will be warmly welcomed by the makers as well as the team of volunteers.